The Surgical Eye Care Foundation

 The Surgical Eye Care Foundation (The Foundation) is dedicated to improving eyesight through education, research and access to care. Based in Memphis, Tennessee, The Foundation plans to concentrate its efforts in the Mid-South/Tri-State area with the hope that public and corporate response will be generous enough to make significant grants to regional researchers, expand awareness of medical and physical disorders that threaten eyesight and increase access to eye care.

To achieve its goals, the Foundation plans:

  1. To provide eye care for the medically indigent. Funding will be provided to cover the actual costs of care provided to patients that would otherwise not have access to care.

  1. To improve geographical access to general and specialty eye care services.

  1. To promote education and training of eye care professionals through lecture, hands-on experience, and investigational research. Research projects will investigate ways to prevent and treat eye diseases, disabilities or impairment prevalent in the Mid-South and promote the development of effective methods of treatment, surgery or rehabilitation.